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Ekvn-Yefolecvlket owēyat yv ekvnv likan, pum vculvke tate omvlkvt tak-vpokvtes. Wacenv yvmvn yihcet estecatvlke vpokvten hvsaklatkv-fvccvn vpeyecicakvtes.  Montowisen ekvnv tis, pum oponvkv tis, pun fulletv tis vcayeckv vrahkv resyicepeyvtet os. 

Ekvn-Yefolecv is an intentional ecovillage community of Indigenous Maskoke persons who, after 180 years of having been forcibly removed from traditional homelands - in what is commonly/colonially known as Alabama - have returned for the purpose of practicing linguistic, cultural and ecological sustainability.


Learn About Us

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What We Do

Language &

Cultural Revitalization

Our Maskoke language is the gateway to our traditional cultural worldview, but with few speakers remaining, we are racing to revitalize it before it falls silent.

Natural Building &

Integrated Systems

Ekvn-Yefolecv is dedicated to coupling traditional Maskoke ecological worldview, which encompasses integrated systems design, with Western regenerative sustainability science.



Ekvn-Yefolecv maintains the belief that traditionally agrarian Indigenous societies need to fixate their contemporary lifeways on regenerative agriculture in order to prolong their languages.

Pum vnicetv ceyacet nomat...

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“This is what I would call a Liberated Zone—inclusive of regenerative, cooperative economics, self-determination, and balanced perspective that the earth is sacred and money is instrumental, not the other way around.”

— Ed Whitfield

Fund for Democratic Communities and Southern Reparations Loan Fund

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